Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kids Bedroom Makeover- Woodland Creatures

The finished kids room. After
With a new baby on the way, and only two kids rooms upstairs our 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy needed to share a room. This meant moving Sam to a big boy bed, getting them to sleep in the same room, and combining what I had of the two rooms into one common gender neutral theme.

Kate's room before . It had actually changed a lot from this photo of the nursery we brought her home too in 2007- well it had a dresser and a daybed instead of the crib. But the decor and bedding were still the same.

Samuel's nursery. It had actually changed quite a bit too since this photo. But the idea is the same except we had added a bunch of Dr. Suess stuff. I am sad now that we didn't photograph the children's bedrooms more before we took them apart.
I came up with making the room into a woodland creature sort of room based on trying to use things we already had and not wanting to paint.
The kids bedding was down in the guestroom and it was brown and white polka dots. The walls in the room were white and green. I knew we had a wide collection of stuffed animals and rocks around. Sounds like a forest to me.
We started off with taking the bunk beds that were downstairs in the guest room and painting them with some paint left over from the basement banister. It took us several nights to get all the nooks and corners painted, but in the end they look shiny and new..ish.
Reading corner. One of the best things about the new room is that there are no toys in it. That means that even on its worst day, the room only takes a few minutes to clean. They do have a large selection of books in the bookshelf that I refinished last year. As well as an ottoman that was in Sam's room that they use to reach the top books.
I like that the room is colorful. Brown, green, red and a dark turquoise.
Kate's bed and shelf. That gnome was one of the splurge purchases of the room. At all of seven dollars. But I think it fits well
Sam's bed and shelf.
Dresser topped with more stuffed woodland creatures, woodland creature print and plant. Sam has really taken to owls since Dad put the one outside to scare off the birds. All the prints I got off google images and just printed them on my home computer. They look great considering. Then I spray painted a bunch of dollar store frames dark turquoise with some spray paint I had from another project.
One of the biggest tasks for the room was combining two children into one closet and one dresser. Obviously things aren't perfect, but it is in and somewhat organized. All the baskets are from Sam's former nursery.
Each kid has a personalized woodland alphabet above their bed. I'm getting pretty good at making whatever I want on photoshop, including art I see other people have made.
Each kid has a shelf. I filled them with their memory boxes, a woodland creature picture, special books, blocks, jars of pinecones and rocks, and stuffed animals.

Cost breakdown.
Blue Curtains- $19.99 at Ikea
Wood underbed Storage boxes- $9.99 each
6 frames from Dollar Store- $6
One gnome- $6.99
Shelf from Ikea- $11.00

Total $63.96

And a good third of that is just in storage boxes not decor.

I'm really pleased at how the room came together just by shopping our house and leftover paint supply.
I'm even more pleased that Sam is now a big boy who sleeps in his bed all by himself for night and naps without complaint. He never gets out. Just yesterday we heard him awake and talking almost an hour later after we had put him in bed, but he never comes out because we threaten him with having to go sleep back in his crib. He doesn't want that. He loves getting to share a room with his sister. Bonus his big sister wasn't sad one bit to give up her pink girly room to share a big kids room with her brother. The two of them are best friends and love their new room.

On to another new nursery.
Yup my 3rd to create in four years.
We are crazy.

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