Thursday, June 9, 2011

Step 4 in Preparedness- Fire Safe

I'm posting now for a food storage company, and I thought I would share what I am posting for them with you as well.

Preparedness is a big task.
But not if you take small steps.
I like to think that the first steps are.
1. Basic 1st Aid Kit.
2. Some water Storage (maybe 5 gallons a person)
3. 72 Hour Kit
4. Fire Safe.

That is what I am talking about today.
I was given a fire safe similar to  this for Christmas a few years ago.
and was delighted.

It happily holds my hard drive and a 3 ring binder with all our original important documents.

It is not the best safe out there clearly, but it is what we have for now, and I'm happy we have something.

If I was to get a new one though, I think I might get  this

The digital lock gives you no need to store keys in several places or a safe deposit box.
It is water proof in addition to being fire proof, and it has a one hour time fram safety and integrity of discs and drives inside during a fire like many.  It is larger than my current safe in cubic feet, so I think you could still get all the same contents inside and hopefully a little more.  It contains file hangers and a key rack too.  You program in your own code, and it does come with an override key you can store in a separate location in the event your panel malfunctions.  To top it off, the safe floats in the event of flooding or water from fire rescue.

Right now it has free shipping from that link above.

Get it and you'll be done with Step 4.
Not that I have all the steps laid out....
maybe I should.
Step 5 :Car emergency bag
Step 6:: 3 months complete expenses saved
Step 7:.....???

What do you think steps of preparedness in order of importance might be?
Do you have a fire safe you like... or that has even saved your stuff?

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  1. We actually have the same safe as you have...however, we've outgrown it! Not sure what we'll get next.


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