Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sideboard Refurbish- a Long Time Coming.

I have been working on...
or meaning to work on this sideboard since November.
It sat in the basement for a while. Meanwhile we actually finished the basement and she took up residence in the garage, and my husband had to park in the driveway.
And that is a sad state of affairs at our house because it is a pet peeve of our household when people can't manage to park their cars in their garage.

She finally got finished up last week.

Here is what she looked like when I got her.
I found her at the local thrift store where they were asking $100. I talked them down to $80 seeing as how somebody had cruely cut off two of her feet.
After lots of clean up, putty and sanding, the top was taped off and got four coats of stain.
It could not have turned out prettier, and I almost wished I would have stained the whole thing.
Though I doubt those beat up legs could have ever come out so smoothly.

The majority of the piece got high gloss Behr Creamy White paint left over from trim painted in the basement. I know some funky emerald green paint would have made people swoon, but I wanted it to be classic and I didn't want to have to repaint it in a year or two when trends change.
Because it took hours and hours and hours to paint.
Even my husband pitched in to help, as his 8 month pregnant wife while sat on the cement garage floor trying to finish the project.
I tried to cover the piece in KILZ first but it did nothing for it.
I ended up having to paint and sand and paint again five or six coats of the white paint.
The handles were spray painted rustoleum hammered metal.

again- before
You could call this another before picture as well. This was the old tv stand, with the old tv.
Though the black stand had been functional and well enough looking for the past 8 years, I am not sure Shopko furniture is meant to be used that long. I actually took it to Savers to try to donate it and they wouldn't take it. Sad sad sad.

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  1. Wow, your new look sideboard is amazing! What a terrific outcome. Great job and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum to complete your project.


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