Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Church Quiet Book

I've been gone for a while now.
That is because I have THREE kids now. All four and under.
Our sweet new peanut arrived mid-Aug to a very exhausted me.
She is about as perfect as can be.
More on that in a minute.
The two older kids and I made this church quiet book for them this week. They enjoyed making it. I think that was mostly because they were thrilled to have some attention from their mother again. They enjoyed playing with it too. We are going to attempt our return to church on Sunday with all three kids. I hope this quiet book helps the two older stay quiet and content, at least for a little while.

Cost: $12- and that is mostly in markers
Time: 20 minutes
Supplies: 3 ring binder
30 or more sheet protectors
Pencil Pocket
Dry Erase Markers
Printer and copier

What You Do:

1. During the Back-to-School sales pick yourself up some sheet protectors, a pencil case that clips into a binder, a 3 ring binder and some dry erase markers.

2. Go through your collection of Friend Magazines. If you are anything like me, your parents or in-laws likely have every single one since the mid 70's on their bookshelf. Tear out, or color copy the games, activities, coloring pages, and mazes.

3. Or go to the Friend website and print out the coloring pages and games.

4. Or do both

5. Once you have 30 or more games and activities, slip them back to back into the sheet protectors. Put them in the binder

6. Put your markers in the pencil pocket and clip that in also.

7. Slip the most current issue of The Friend in the front- for kids to look through and also for decoration.

8. Make sure you have wipes in your church bag to wipe the sheets clean. I always do. But if you don't, a plastic bag of them could be slipped in the binder as well.

9. Just a note- Have more than one kid who needs an activity book. You don't have to make several books, just unclip the pages and hand them down the pew.
Kids can do the games and color the pages, then wipe them clean and do them again. It actually works really well.
You can get dry erase markers in tons of colors. These above are what I found- though they were $7.
Then I saw these. Dry Erase Crayons might be worth trying. I think they were around $6 for the pack off Amazon.

Can't wait to see if this helps us manage three kids four and under for our church meetings. We will see.

Oh did you want to see that gorgeous newborn of mine???

She may look big but she is all of only 6lbs!
You can always see and read more about my family life at http://

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