Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pudding Pops- Keeping Summer Going

I'm just starting to feel like myself again.
And it turns out I totally missed summer.
Well there is no reason just because it is fall, I can't still serve summer-ish treats.
After all, I missed summer being pregnant and nursing a newborn round the clock.

Today we tried out these pudding pops I've been seeing around the blog world

Simple as can be really.

Things you need.
-Your favorite flavors of instant pudding. 3 packages of pudding made 8 pops.
-Small sized plastic cups
-Craft sticks

Then you just make your pudding. I used chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla, and layer it however you like into the cups. Don't wait for the pudding to set up, just mix it, and start layering. Stick in a craft stick and let them freeze for five or so house.
Then just pull them out of the cups (make sure they are good and frozen otherwise you'll just be pulling sticks out), and serve them up.

These were a big hit with the adults in this house, even more so than the kids.

I have about 4 more in my freezer even after serving them tonight and I intend to eat them through out the week and pretend like it is summer 'round here just for a few more days.


  1. Since we can't escape the summer where we live these will be a great treat to try. Thanks for sharing.


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