Sunday, September 11, 2011

Closet Organizing with Shoe Racks

I went a little crazy with organizers on Saturday.
I mean it.
I went back to Wal-mart two times to purchase more of them.
I was cleaning out closets on Saturday and this idea came in really handy.
They made my closets look oh so neat.
Seriously, who ever though to use shoe organizers for something other than shoes.
A great way to use up all that vertical space.

Plus the clear pockets make it easy to find everything.

Do you know how many times I have purchased fever reducer for the kids. Well I had like eight that were not expired hiding in the closet, that is not including several that were expired that I threw out.
Or how we seem to never be able to find tights for Katerade on Sunday morning when we need them, though I know they are in her underwear drawer somewhere.
Or how every time I open the pantry that box of plastic silverwear comes crashing down all over the floor.
Or how I don't even use the vacuum accessories because that would mean digging around the back of the hall closet.

Not any more

Me and my shoe organizers FOUR different ways make me feel like a genius.
A super organized genius.

Kid's Closet
What is inside?
swim diapers
water wings
dance clothes
1 million hair bows
ties and bow ties
and more hats
Bathroom Closet-
What is inside?
Bug Spray
Ib profen
Baby nail clippers, snot suckers etc.
Kids fever reducer
Kids Vicks and Teething Ointment
Rubbing Alcohol and Hydorgen Peroxide with Cotten
Bandaids with Neosporin
Diaper Cream
Extra Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Extra deodarant, contact solution and shampoo
cleaning supplies
This closet is of course closet with a child proof handle

What is inside?
Trash bags
grocery sacks to reuse
Spice packs
Plastic Utensils
Plastic Cups
Potty Treats
Coat Closet-

What is inside?
Diapers and Wipes- so we don't always have to run upstairs
Running watches and accesories
Vaccuum cleaner accesories
Curtain tie-backs
Lots of empty pockets for stuff I think up later
And actually some shoes.

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