Friday, September 23, 2011

Raspberry Picking

I found this website online. A u-pick raspberry farm about an hour away from us.
I in-visioned this perfect fall evening. With happy children running up and down the rows, perfect fall weather, perfect lighting for pictures, ending in perfect fall family memories. Ha Ha!
It was memorable that is for sure. And fun in the end too.
But we were lost and driving frustrated around Payson for over an hour to find the farm. If you are going to go I recommend a map, and calling me first. We had directions of google, a smart phone with GPS and three phone calls to the farm itself and it still took us about a hour to find, and we were seconds from just going home. Lesson learned.
I am a Utah girl who always thinks I will just be able to find something from an address abra- cadabra. It never works.
We arrived and started picking. And withing about five minutes Marianne- who was in a front pack on me, pooped and peed all over the both of us. And silly me- having never had this happen with her, did not have clothes for either of us. Marianne ended up wearing a sweatshirt for pants, and I luckily had a sweatshirt in the car which covered the mess but was still disgusting.
Once we were cleaned up though we headed back out. Jake and the kids had already picked a few pounds of raspberries. We spent about an hour, and managed to pick 6lbs. And it was fun, finding good rows, and watching the children do such a great job, and the weather was perfect.
Six pounds though- Crazy Town!
This morning we turned about half of it into a year supply of freezer jam for us.
Fun fall traditions for the family I think.... but next year we will know where we are going and bring some extra clothes.

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