Sunday, July 8, 2012

Green Clean with Castile Soap- free printable!

I was making up a gift today and thought I might share my graphics.
I've been getting more into green cleaning.
And I almost go giddy when I find a new scent of Dr. Bonner's Castile Soap.
I especially like that they have a Tea Tree Oil one.  I add it to everything as it is suppose to fight bacteria.

If you are on pinterest than you know what Castille soap is and how to use it.  If not, you can see from all my sweet cards that it is an all natural, all purpose soap.  Mix it with other household ingredients and you have most of your cleaning supply needs.  I like it for preparedness sake. A few bottles take up only a bit of space and they can be mixed and used in a variety of forms. 
Plus they are natural.
Plus they smell nice.
Sold and sold!

I made these cards for a gift basket.  Somebody I know and love is getting a wide selection of castille soap in a cute basket.
You are welcome to print them and use them however you like too.


  1. Thank you! I am totally addicted to cleaning now.
    Let's be honest I already was, but now I am hooked on the way my house smells like peppermint and my children smell delicious.

  2. I looooove that stuff. I use the almond liquid soap for my homemade soft scrub and in all of my housecleaning concoctions. Did you know you can make bubble bath with the stuff, too? (that's the next use on my list). The cards you made are great -- I'm totally going to print them up, laminate them, and keep them on a ring for my own reference! (then I won't have to check Pinterest for all the various recipes! :) )


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