Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Blog. It's About the Pie - Make the Move

For anyone who might still follow me here. THANK YOU!
I loved this Ready Set Plan blog in its time.
But I found that when my kids health problems consumed my time, they seemed to consume this old blog as well. In content.  And then eventually I quit contributing to it.

Literally years have passed since my last post.

But good news.
I've been blogging again!
A brand new site with a brand new blog

It is called It's About The Pie

A blog about simple things that make life great. Like Pie.
Lots of pie.
See the thing about pie is, there are so many different kinds of pie it is hard to get bored.
And other simple, beautiful, and delicious things.
Like recipes, home decor, photography, design, and motherhood.

I hope you follow me over and have a slice!

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