Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Foods You Can Easily Grow Indoors

Its winter still here- but a warm February, I would venture to say the warmest on record.  The kind that makes me think it would almost be okay to go buy seeds and prepare starts in my house.  I've seen them for sale at the store already.  But I'm trying to refrain as I always start my starts way to early.  And that is usually April.  It may be a 60 degree February but "It is not Spring"- that is what I keep telling myself.

So I can't garden outside yet.  But I've seen a few articles online recently about growing food indoors.
I thought I would leave those links here as a reference for myself for the future and any readers who are also interested. Maybe growing some food indoors will help me curtail my desire to go plant some cold crops outside way too early.

1. Twenty Foods you can Grow Indoors.
This slide show goes beyond a little kitchen window herb garden.  With suggestions about carrots in pots indoors, potatoes in grocery sacks indoors, and citrus trees in your entry way... that sounds decorative and delicious.

2. Foods that Magically Regrow From Kitchen Scraps
Whole Foods has this attractive info graphic about foods you can re-grow from the leftover pieces you didn't use in last nights dinner.  Lettuce, celery, onions and even pineapple.  It might not really be gardening- but it might feel enough like gardening to keep me from filling my laundry room with starts.  Plus who doesn't want to make their groceries go further.

3.  Seven Foods to Grow From Kitchen Scraps.
Happy Money Saver is a great blog mostly about being frugal.  She did some experimenting with regrowing food, including using the potatoes you forgot about in the pantry that started sprouting and creating an entire harvest of new potatoes in a trash can in your kitchen.

4. Healthy Foods to Grow Indoors
Greatist.com has a beautiful explanation of foods to grow indoors that will not only grow well indoors, but also are a selection of super foods- avocados, micro greens, greens and ginger.

5. Indoor Citrus Trees
BC Living has a great article here about growing citrus trees inside.  I think this is maybe the thing I am most likely to try seeing as how I can't even grow citrus outside in the summer because it is too cold.   A gorgeous mandarin tree in the dinning room would be amazing.  I guess its time to shop for the perfect pot.


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