Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food Storage Anaylzer

Remember this post about the food storage calculator over at Well right now they are having a contest where if you use and review this tool, and post it on your blog you can win a give card to Emergency Essentials. I already wrote a small review on this several weeks ago I know. I did use it to see how my food storage stacked up. It wasn't my first choice based on esthetics. I have seen other anaylzer that when first viewed are more pleasing to look at. Of course that is not all that important. It was better in some of the areas that really counted. I found that calculated I had a bit less than I had thought- which was obviously useful information. I also likedthat the calorie per day alllowance was higher with this calculator than others I have used, making it more realistic instead of rations. I also haven't seen the "add your own items" on other anaylers as well. Of course at the bottom it has the nutritional information per meal, and next to it a place you can search for items low in a specific need. It is easy to use and practical.

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