Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Delicious Deal

Guess what my hubby found at Wal-mart on Black Friday? You guessed it (well it was quite obvious with the picture I put up and all). The Honeywell .62 cubit feet fire safe is on their website here for $58 and $88 on Amazon.. But in stores right now it is only $38. $38!!! They have a smaller version for only $25 as well. If you don't have a firesafe because- well they are normally a little pricey- now is the time to no longer have an excuse. I can't wait to open it and organize all my important papers- which should be easy since a 3 ring binder fits inside and that is how I keep everything- thanks to my document prep project. It was suppose to be a suprise but I came upon it at the store with him and was about to put it in the cart and purchase it myself when he told he me he had already got it for me as a Christmas gift just minutes before. Boy does he know me well. I am sad to ruin the surprise though, I always seem to manage that somehow.
It is even what I recommended for parents in my Christmas gift post the other day. I have another idea for my parents though this year. I have been working on it this week, and yes it involves emergency preparedness so you will be privy to the details, but not today.
Shopping is not the real reason I haven't been posting lately. We hosted the in-law family for Thanksgiving, which was beautiful, and fabulous, and delicious,and mostly completely from scratch, and therefore a lot of work and a little stress. But we loved not traveling.
Hope your Thanksgiving was safe and delicious too.

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