Friday, December 11, 2009

Saving Saints

I've been absent from this blog lately. We've had a lot of unnecessary stress in our lives right now, and it is the holidays on top of all of that. I wanted to share a site that recently caught my eye, perhaps I can think of my own post soon- but for now I refer you elsewhere.
Saving Saints
It is a blog that focuses on saving money- and who doesn't like that. She recently had a post about how to never pay over $.16 for a diaper. I enjoyed this post and ways to consider how to save us some cash in this area. With two kids in diapers- we easily throw $100 a month in the trash. Yup- cleaning up poop gets expensive.
As a side note- Before we married Jake's siblings teased him- that he would never find a girl who would be willing to buy cloth diapers from the thrift store. He had once made a comment that he would only marry a woman willing to be so frugal. Though I try to be frugal- I fail to meet this requirement in so many ways- including remaining repulsed at the idea. Thankfully Jake made some compromises and we enjoy a disposable diaper household. But it still wouldn't hurt to find ways to shrink this down.
Go check out what Dawn over at Saving Saints has to say about saving today.

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