Thursday, May 6, 2010

For the Love... of Thrify Style

Let me introduce you to Sarah Jane.
She is a new and working mother with love for all things stylish and thrifty and is the writer of a cleverly titled blog
I have never met Sarah, but I feel like I know her through her blog, and I assure you that if we met we would be friends.
She is a hair stylist and works for a home decor company called Uppercase Living.
Looking good is part of both of these jobs.
She manages to accomplish her need to be in vogue and stay with in her budget by shopping thrift. She put together that entire outfit above for $24 and a trip to her local D.I.
She shares her finds, and other things she loves on her blog.
I always intend to post about saving money and finances more, but get sidetracked by things like crock pot recipes and how my garden is doing. So I will just send you over to visit Sarah.
She will show you how to look great for less.

These shoes she created for $4 here. What a shame to me, because I actually bought the Steve Madden version for much much more.This thrifty find one week cost her all of $1.50. I'm jealous.
Sarah Jane even gifts and decorates for dollars here
What do you think?
Inspired to cut costs and shop thrift? I know I am!


  1. I'm flattered to be featured! I gain great piece of mind knowing that I'm better off financially because you really can look great for much much less! For the record, I have no idea about things like gardening and Emergency preparedness, and that's why I love this blog!

    P.S. I agree- I think we would become great friends if we ever met.

  2. Completely there with you ladies. I haven't been in a real store in years and we live a nice life style. Husband is well dressed, furniture and house fits in with the neighbors. Just shop at consignment stores, thrift shops and yard sales. I'm 20 (or more?) years older than you all, but I'm happy to hear that the young ones are taking up the quest. Remember to be self sufficient.


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