Friday, May 7, 2010

What it is for.

Mother's Day is Sunday, and this will likely be my last post until then.
It is hard to put into words how much I love those two pictured above.
Really they are why I do anything I do.

Having small children dependent on me is what really drove me to begin my own family's emergency preparedness journey.
Planning and preparing things for our children is what we mothers do everyday in small and big ways.

Whether it is a schedule of the days events, a healthy meal, a fun activity, check-ups at the pediatrician's or structured time for teaching.

Planning is what makes us good mothers.
It is a process of intention and dedication.

My blog has been largely about emergency preparedness and the planning I do for the unexpected, the planning I do so we are living a provident life.
As I grow in my experience as a mother I realize that a mother's job is largely this thorough thought we spent on our family's well being.
And though we can't really plan everything for our family, and we surely can't expect everything to go as plan.
We can show our love, nurture our families, safe guard our homes, teach our children, and prepare for the unexpected.
All it takes is this planning, this process of intention and dedication.

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