Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I need your review.

As surprising as this may sound I do not own a wheat grinder of any kind.

I am almost ashamed to admit it.

I own some wheat, and my storage of that is quickly growing. The problem is I can't use it. I have been meaning to buy a grinder, but then I just never do.
My husband is sure that in a real emergency my native American heritage would kick in and I could use this.

Though he is a brilliant business man I doubt his logic here.

So the time has come.

Here are the two grinders I am actually considering.

1.Cast Iron Hand Mill on Amazon for 19.99

2. This hand grain mill from Emergency Essentials for $59.99
I have actually found this same Back to Basics Mill several places for cheaper, but I can drive to this store so I don't have to pay shipping and I currently have a $20 gift card for this store.
What do you think? Do you have a hand grinder you love. Or a review on one of these?
I have seen really only these two styles of hand grain mills.
Please help me choose.


  1. I'm interested to hear the outcome because I don't have one either. And I don't want an electric one because I'm figuring if I need a wheat grinder... there's probably no power.

  2. Kristy-

    I agree with your reasoning. Unless you are family who is going to use wheat more than once a week, I think a hand grinder will be sufficient. I too am just wanting it for whole wheat pancakes on Saturday morning and for emergencies.

  3. I have really gone through my wheat fast since I bought an electric grinder (Wonder Mill). I used to go with your reasoning with the hand grinder, but then I thought, if I don't have any electricity, how will I be baking the bread anyway? :)

    So while I think that the hand grinder is good for emergencies, the electric one is perfect for actually eating your storage on a regular basis. I've talked to people who try to use the hand grinder and say it takes forever. (Which I guess could be a good thing if you have some strong, unruly children you need to keep out of trouble.)

    Oh, and there are recipes for whole-wheat blender pancakes floating around out there. Basically you combine the wheat and some liquid in the blender, give it a whizz, and let it soak overnight. Then the next morning you blend some more and add the remaining ingredients. It works well and lets you start using your wheat before you have a grinder. I still like to make them!

  4. Buy an electric grinder. Bought the hand grinder from EE in the '80s'. It just would kill you to get enough ground to utilize. If you are worried about loss of power in a worst case scenario, then buy it too. I LOVE having my grinder and use nearly weekly, that is the point of having food storage, USE IT UP and REPLACE when you have the funds.


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