Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Flowers with a Twist

Let me start this post by saying I strongly dislike Mother's Day.
There are so many reasons.

For starters lets just say my mum doesn't have the longest track record of trust and respect with me.

Secondly, before I became and mother, and wanted to be with all my heart, this was the most painful- rub salt in my wounds- day that existed. Though I have children now, I still remember this pain, and feel sad for those around me who I know are experiencing the pain this day brings.

Number three. My husband takes me literally when I say he doesn't have to get me anything.

Last of all. It is a Sunday, one of the more stressful days for me. Having to ready children for church, keep them happy, quiet, attend to callings at church and meetings, make it a work day for me.

Plus even though I am a mom I still have mothers, mother-in-laws, grandmother etc. that need to be seen and presented with a thoughtful gift from me on this day. You too huh?

All I really want for this day is a nap, a back rub, not to have to cook anything, good listening children, some flowers, and maybe another nap.

Too bad you can't order that off Amazon.

Here are a variety of thoughtful and useful gifts that might make this day better for a mother's day hater like myself.
3 Twists on Traditional Flowers for Mother's Day.

1. Seeded Paper Flowers.
Recyclable paper you adhere seeds to you can plant, and they eventually will grow real flowers. Pretty cute.
Pretty clever.
Just plain pretty.
A great project to involve the kids in.
Click on over to HOW DOES SHE? to see the full tutorial.

2. A Lovely Gardening Book about how to grow her own flowers.
The New York Times 1000 Gardening Questions and Answers: Based on the New York Times Column
I can just see this packaged up in a wire basket with some green ribbon and fresh cut pink tulips or maybe just some bulbs.
3. Edible Cookie Flowers
Adorable Aubrey at the Mother Huddle shows us this easy gift that looks like you spent a lot of time and thought into something super special. I think this is what I am actually going to do for all the mother's and grandmothers on our list.
Thanks Aubrey for the awesome idea.
Good luck and Happy Mother's Day.

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