Thursday, May 13, 2010

Honeyville Farms

I discovered a new food storage supplier.
Honeyville Farms.

I haven't tried anything of theirs yet.
But I have found three things I like about their company.

1. Your entire order ships for $4.49 any where in the U.S.
- Let me be clear, that if I want to get anything other than basic groceries I have to drive at least 30 minutes. Specialty stores like this are typically at least 45 minutes away. That means if I want to shop somewhere like this I am locked in to 90 minutes of car time with the kiddos. If you will ship me what I want for under $5.00 it is actually cheaper for me to order online than drive to your location. And it certainly is more convenient.

2. Coupons.
- I am a sucker for coupons and promo codes. They continually have several on a link on their page, and you can of course sign up for their email feed where you will get valueable coupons in your inbox.

3. Gourmet Hot Coca.
- I take it back. I have tried some of their products. They sell this hot cocoa at my local grocery store. And I have tried every kind of hot cocoa that exists. Including theirs. I like it. But what I like even more is that GOURMET hot cocoa is listed amongst their other essential food supply products. This makes them a company after my own heart.

Have you used them? What are your opinions about this company?

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