Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It is no Secret that I love a good plan.
I think making a list is actually one of the most therapeutic things for me to do.

Really lately I realize that my happiness strongly correlates with how productive I am.
I have tried to change my mind set.
And be happy not getting anything done.

I can't.
So instead I am finding ways to get more done.

This includes not washing my hair more than twice a week.
(It is not the washing that takes so much time, but the drying)

and making more lists.

Hopefully on this

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  1. There's a little independent store near me that sells notepads like this. Knock Knock produces them, and they're really cute! One has a list of (almost) all possible refrigerated foods, and you check it off when you need the item at the store.

    I'm more addicted to calendars than lists. I have a teacher tracker that the school gives us, a Google calendar, my phone's calendar, a dry erase calendar at home, and a paper calendar behind my desk. And yes, I use them all!


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