Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY Embellished T-Shirt

Turn ugly $5 pocket tee into something I will wear.

Supplies:  Other old t-shirts, matching thread, scissors, beads.
I thought I might mix both this old heather gray and this mustard tank together for the flowers, but I ended up going with just the gray.

Step 1;
Cut circles out of old t-shirt in all different sizes. 1" to 5" in diameter.
I ended up having seven stacks of flowers, having the stacks be 3-5 flowers tall.
Follow this tutorial, if you are unsure how to make a fabric stack flower

Step 2:
Arrange stacks of t-shirt circles down V neck until you are pleased with the amount and density..

Step 3:
Thread threw stack of t-shirt circles and attached three beads.
Double knot when done.

Step 4:
Once you have finished threading beads onto flowers, arrange them how you would like again.

Stept 5:
Thread threw each flower again and leave lots of extra thread before you cut and move on to the next flower.
Turn your shirt inside out carefully, and double know all the flowers onto your shirt.

That is the end.
Enjoy your embellished T.
I sported mine with a mustard colored cardigan all weekend.

Be sure to wash by hand and lay flat for drying.

Of course this idea could also be translated with any t shirts, including that of little girls.

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial! I just bought a shirt like this...now I need to make one too!


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