Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Mission Statement

I finally got around to displaying our Family Mission Statement.
I just printed it with some silhouette clip art of a family that funny enough looks just like us.
In fact when I showed Majesty the project he asked how I did that to our picture.
And when my twin sis saw- she asked the same thing.
I got lucky with google image is all I can say.

I just put in in a 11" x 14" frame that I found 50% at Joann's and placed it on the piano.

I know we are in theory at least putting thought and purpose behind the kind of family we want to be.
I hope in action too.

Did any of you do this Family Mission Statement. Activity?
How did it go?

1 comment:

  1. We kept it simple. This year's family theme is: "Plicka's Pray Everyday, and God Hears Our Prayers!"

    The kids LOVE to chant it. Sometimes I hear them saying it under their breath and it makes me happy. :)


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